USC’s Spurrier Has No Problem Putting The Pressure On UGA’s Richt

At the end of the SEC Championship Game against Alabama on Saturday, Georgia should have spiked the football, stopped the clock, and tried to get a couple of plays out of the final 12-14 seconds (depending on when the officials would actually blow the whistle on the spike).  Everyone watching the game probably yelled that very thing at their televisions.

Well, Bama fans were still probably screaming about the “tipped” pass that even allowed Georgia a few last-second plays to begin with.

But Richt — whose team went 11-2 on the year, won the East, and fought back time and again against #2 Alabama — is getting some heat for his decision not to spike the football.  And South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier has no problem stoking the fire.  Yesterday, the Gamecocks’ coach said:


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