Oregon’s loss was must-see TV for Bulldog Nation

By late Saturday night, Atlanta was awash in Stanford Cardinal fans.

Word had spread that Baylor was in the process of handily beating BCS No. 1 Kansas State and that Stanford was in a close game with No. 2 Oregon, all potentially good news for the Georgia Bulldogs’ hopes of reaching college football’s national-championship game in Miami.

The closing minutes of Stanford-Oregon became must-see TV for Bulldog Nation.

By the time Stanford kicked a field goal in overtime to win 17-14, the metro-Atlanta audience for ABC’s telecast had grown gradually to 338,000 households from about 80,000 at the start, according to Nielsen ratings figures.

The game posted an overall rating of 8.9 here, meaning 8.9 percent of Atlanta’s TV homes — about 200,000 homes — tuned in on average. That was the sixth highest rating for the game among the nation’s 56 largest markets.

But for the final hour, the game garnered a 12.5 rating in Atlanta, including a peak of 14.7 in the last 15 minutes — extremely …

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