Voter turnout not great in Georgia Bulldogs’ precinct

ATHENS — Georgia coach Mark Richt opened his news conference Tuesday by talking about the ongoing presidential election.

“I hope everybody got a chance to vote,” Richt said. “I see some stickers out there; that’s awesome. I voted a week or two ago and that was nice. Got a chance to get it done early, which was good.”

Apparently Richt didn’t share that urgency with his players. Very few of the contingent that was made available for interviews on Tuesday apparently got the chance to vote. Most of them said they wanted to but just didn’t have time.

“Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to vote because I was registered in Atlanta but I didn’t have time with the practice schedule and school to drive down and back,” said junior defensive tackle Garrison Smith. “I looked into an absentee ballot but by the time I looked into it, it was too late to do it. I don’t know who can find the time to go back to their home and vote.”

Aaron Murray, a Tampa resident, clearly couldn’t go …

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