Live from UGA: Will we see a Cocktail Party hangover?

It won't be easy coming down from this. (AJC photo by Bob Andres)

Coming down won't be easy. (AJC photo by Bob Andres)

Athens – Let’s stipulate that Georgia cannot possibly be as energized for this week’s game as it seven days ago. Let’s also stipulate that Georgia has more talent than Ole Miss and is playing at home. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Rebels took an early lead and held it awhile. It would, however, be positively stunning if Ole Miss led after four quarters.

It’s also worth noting that Florida, which lost to Georgia, trailed Missouri 7-0 at the half in Gainesville today. (Hey, wasn’t it just yesterday than even some Georgia fans considered Florida too good to lose?) But the Gators have since forged ahead 14-7. Which doesn’t mean they’ll hang on and win. It does, however, underscore the peril inherent in post-big-game blahs.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but motivation — especially the motivation of 20-year-old amateurs — is an ephemeral thing. The Bulldogs have had a week of being slapped on the back. (Surely some of …

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