Thousands of Bulldogs’ fans making their way into Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. — Greetings from Missouri.

I know, I know.  Jefferson City is not where Georgia and Missouri are playing their football game. But this place — the state capital 30 miles south of Columbia — is where I could find a hotel room. But I’ll be driving up to Columbia tomorrow to check out the scene as the Tigers get ready to play host to the Bulldogs in this historic meeting late Saturday night.

I know from my flight into St. Louis from Atlanta earlier today that there are going to be a lot of Georgia fans here. UGA’s ticket allotment from Missouri was 6,000 for the game and those, of course, all went to season-ticket holders. But I know even major donors had a hard time getting more than two apiece, so you know it’s a really tough ticket. Nevertheless, past experience tells me a couple of thousand more Georgia fans may find their way inside Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium. I’m guessing the Bulldogs will be well represented inside the 71,000-seat stadium.

It should be an awesome game on Saturday. We’ll get into that more tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m a little travel weary so I’m going to turn in.

For those of you still coming this way, be warned: Columbia is not a very convenient place to get into. Flights directly into Columbia are few and very expensive. It’s 100 miles from St. Louis and 125 from Kansas City, so it’s a haul either way.

But Georgia people are definitely making their way in droves. Like I said, I’ll be checking out the scene in Columbia tomorrow and let you know what’s up.

That’s all for now. Check back.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you Georgia fans with this from Grandpa Simpson:

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